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“The Doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with Drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with Nutrition.” – Thomas Edison

There goes a golden saying, "Health is Wealth", but the reverse cannot be true. One cannot enjoy wealth unless one possesses sound health. In this time of COVID 19 pandemic, this saying has a deeper meaning to everyone. In the past, many people have taken for granted their health, focusing more on gaining Wealth at the expense of their Health. But today, it is the opposite. The world has never before seen people prioritizing and taking good care of their health as they do now. We realized that Health is Indeed Our Wealth!
World Health Organization (WHO) in 1948, Defined health as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.

Do you suffer from lifestyle diseases/disorders like Diabetes, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Allergy, Acidity, Cancer, Obesity, Thyroid, PCOD/PCOS, migraine, Hair Fall, Knee Pain, Varicose veins, Lack of immunity, Dermatological diseases, etc.? These illnesses are common in recent times due to wrong food habits, drinking unhealthy water, lack of nutrition, and physical activity. In the current scenario majority of the people start medicines as early as 40 till the time they die. God's own country, Kerala tops the list. We take medicines for better health. But do we actually attain better health? Not often. Around 80% of the disease or disorders we face are due to nutrition deficiency. If we supply our bodies with the right nutrition, we can prevent lifestyle diseases. Foods are the primary supplier of nutrients. We suppose to get Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals & Micro – Nutrients from food. But instead, we get Fat, Cholesterol, Carbohydrates, Sugar, Salt & Chemicals from modern eating platforms. We need a solution. Right? The solution is food supplements. We provide Orien’s Nutraceutical Food Supplements, extract from Fruits, Vegetables, Roots, and Leaves in the form of Capsules, Juices, and Powder.

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Sherly – Mananthavady

I had migraine issues for a long time. Often, I suffer hours of pain, vomiting, and irritation. I started to use Orien’s food Supplements through WellChoice for a trial. So, I continuously used the suggested food supplements combination for three months and the result was remarkable.  Nowadays I feel normal and have no such migraine-related issues or symptoms. Thanks to WellChoice for Support


Vipin – Ernakulam

While on my official travel, I accidentally visited the Oriens outlet in Mananthavady. I understood the quality of the products from the description and I personally experienced the awesome results of some products as well. I too have purchased the Gas Safty Device, which is a recommended demandable product. As per the calculation we had used the Gas for nearly 15 extra days. That’s also a wonderful experience. l personally suggest all Oriens products without any mindset. Thank you, Shibin, Thank you Oriens..!




Vinod – Alathoor

My random blood sugar was 276. I haven’t taken any medicines for Diabetics. Because I was afraid that, I’m young and I have to use it for life long. I decided to take Orien’s Food Supplements. I have received Orien’s Food Supplements through Courier from WellChoice. I started to take the products immediately.  Within a week time, my sugar level reached 146 from 276. Amazing Product and I’m very much satisfied Product and the Service.


Sajith – Pulpally

My haemoglobin level was very lower than the normal level and my consulting doctor was advised that I have to improve my haemoglobin level. I had an understanding that haemoglobin would increase only from food. Those days I happed to hear that, Oriens products are available at Mananthavady. So, I started to take Orien’s Nutraceutical Food Supplements, and within two weeks of time, I can feel the difference. Even my hair started to turn blackish which I have not even thought of. Superior Quality Products. Thanks to WellChoice and the entire team for Educating and Distributing Such Products.


Jessy – Pulpally

I was suffering from Diabetes for the last 10 years. It was started after a major operation. My Diabetic level used to fluctuate from as high as 600 to as low as 40 within these years, though was using insulin and a few other medicines. I used to feel very tired due to this fluctuation and my health condition used to become worst every day. It was difficult for me to travel on the bus. Finally, I started using Orien’s Nutraceutical Food Supplements.  Within 50 Days of use, my diabetic level becomes around 140. Presently I found no such major fluctuations in test results like as early. I too feel so energetic. Extremely super Quality Products and their service were also really wonderful.